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Hello! My name is Rebekah and I am a passionate artist excited to share my ideas and works with the world. As someone from Appalachia, I am passionate about the mountains and the outdoors. I am also an artist, passionate about theatre, dance, and visual art. I cannot wait to share all of my art, as well as my thoughts surrounding art with you!

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This is me hiking in Wyoming! Growing up in Appalachia instilled a love of hiking in me from an early age.

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An introduction to Life of An Artist

 This blog will primarily focus on my experiences and discoveries about my artistic career thus far, and my theatre career in the future. Though this blog, I hope to convey my love for art and expand upon how my theatre and art experiences have shaped me. Because I have been doing theatre for eight years, I believe it has impacted how I function socially, my public speaking abilities, my interests, and overall my sense of self-confidence. I am documenting this through my blog posts! 

I hope this blog will help me self-reflect on this impact as, well as share it with my audience. I am excited to have a creative outlet to express my ideas in an artistic way. This blog provides me with a sense of artistic control that I enjoy. Because I have control over my blog's appearance and content, I can convey my messages however I want. I want to do this efficiently, neatly, expressively, and creatively I hope this blog will also be an outlet for me to explore future creative and theatrical ventures.

Here, I will document my artistic experiences and ventures as a theatre major, Musical Theatre Certificate Program student, and freshman representative of the University of Kentucky Studio Season Board. Working in various artistic areas will provide me with insight that I can document on my blog.

I hope this blog will encourage my audience to support or explore theatre and other art in new ways; theatre provides so many people with a sense of community and an appreciation for the arts. My goal is for my audience to understand the positive impact theatre has had on me, and consider trying something new – particularly something artistic and outside of their comfort zones. I am so excited to share this blog and I hope it inspires you!

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The marquee of Radio City Music Hall, where I performed with the Radio City Rockettes in November of 2019.

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